Monday, 24 October 2011

Stila is doing nail polish?

For the holiday season Stila is putting out two sets of nail polish. I believe they use to sell nail polish way way back, so I guess this is there chance to get back in to it. What cosmetic company that already has made a name for themselves wouldn't capitalize on the ever expanding nail polish market right?

So the set came up on the Stila website They are $24 US each and from what I can tell the website doesn't offer shipping to Canada. So hopefully some of the makeup stores here in Canada get them in stock. 

The top set is named Delicate and the bottle named Daring. They are minis at .25 fl oz each. 

Delicate has these polishes: 
  • Icicle - clear base with rainbow multi-color glitter
  • Stardust - clear base with pink and purple glitter
  • Chandelier - clear base with deep purple & rainbow multi-color glitter
  • Kitten - nude base with gold and silver pearl
Daring has these polishes:

  • Confetti - clear base with green, red and gold glitter
  • Firecracker - clear base with ruby red sparkle
  • Disco Ball - clear base with purple and teal glitter
  • City Lights - gold with rainbow multi-color glitter
I think these are pretty, should have liked to see them put a few cremes in there, so a few more unique colours. But we have another brand to choose polish from :)


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Bellasguardian said...

Ok I want this collection! Stila and nail polish! I wish Sephora would carry it! I wonder how much Confetti will be like last year's ChG's Party Hearty!

Leanne said...

I'm dying to try these too! I haven't seen them at my Sephora either! and the website doesn't ship to Canada :( too bad for me!


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