Monday, 3 October 2011

OPI - Rainbow Connection & Deborah Lippmann - Happy Birthday Comarison

I loooove fun glitter like these! This is OPI's Rainbow Connection compared to Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday. When I saw Rainbow Connection, Happy Birthday was the first polish I thought of. They are very similar so did some swatches of them both. I believe I have the "old" version of Happy Birthday. I've had it since it came out so I'm assuming its the old one. The new version is suppose to have more pink glitter in it. Here is link to my post with OPI - Rainbow Connection swatches.

Left to Right: OPI Rainbow Connection (1 coat)
Deborah Lippmann - Happy Birthday (1 coat)
OPI - Rainbow Connection  (1 coat) over OPI - Black Onyx (1 coat)
Deborah Lippmann - Happy Birthday (1 coat) over OPI - Black Onyx (1 coat)

(OPI - Black Onyx is a plain black creme)

Top: OPI - Rainbow Connection
Bottom: Deborah Lippmann - Happy Birthday

Top: OPI - Rainbow Connection over Black Onyx
Bottom: Deborah Lippmann - Happy Birthday over Black Onyx

OPI - Rainbow Connection
- Has three sizes of hexagon glitter:  Large, Medium and Small 
- Has six colour of glitter: Orange, Gold, Pink, Silver, Blue, Green
- All six colours have the three sizes of glitter.
- Silver glitter is predominant with clear base

Deborah Lippmann - Happy Birthday
- Has two sizes of glitter (it's largest sizes is the same has OPI's medium size)
- Large size hexagon glitter comes in: Orange, Gold, Pink, Silver, Blue, Green
- Small glitter comes in hexagon shaped and square shaped
- Small glitter comes in the same colours has the large glitter but also with red
- Silver glitter is predominant with clear base

The differences are that OPI has three sizes of hexagon glitter to it, Deborah Lippmann has two and it's largest glitter is the same size has OPI's medium size. Deborah Lippmann has a variation of hexagon and square glitter in the small size and the small size also comes in red. 

The similarities are they do both have hexagon glitter and have majority of the same colour glitter. They both have a clear base. Both go on nicely in two coats. Both are very silver glitter predominant. 

Dupes? Not exact. But they could very well be sisters. They really do look very very similar. While they are exact dupes, I don't think anyone really needs both, they are super close.

OPI Rainbow connection is limited edition for the Holiday 2011 season. It's part of the Muppet Collection that is due out November 2011. OPI's retail for $9 CAD and a little less in the states. They can be found in salons and many drug stores.

Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday isn't limited edition. It retails for $20 CAD and can be found at Holts, Murale, and select boutiques. 

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