Thursday, 24 November 2011

Essie Shine of the Times compared to Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure and Nubar 2010

I love my flakies... so how did these three stack up? 

From Left to Right: Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, Essie Shine of the Times, and Nubar 2010

(one coat, all are over OPI Black Onyx, a plain black creme)

I call dupage! DUPE DUPE DUPE...
All have the same colour flakies, orange/green/yellowish. Size of the flakies are all the same also. Hidden Treasure and Shine of the Times both applied a little heavier and 2010 would look the same with another half a coat. All are smooth to the touch despite how they appear. I don't believe anyone really needs all of these, they are so close.

Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure was limited edition for Spring 2010 as part of the Designer Collection. It was super hard to find and very sought after. So anyone that didn't snag it last year now has some options. $7.99 CAD.

Nubar 2010 also came out in 2010, it was the 10 year anniversary colour. It's still available if you are looking for it. Mine is from eBay, I paid around $7 CAD for it.

Essie Shine of the Times is part of Essie's new Luxeffects Collection coming out for the Holiday season this year. To see swatches of Shine of the Times (click here), and to see the Luxeffects press release (click here). Mine is from, $9.75 CAD.



Lindsey R said...

Thanks for the comparison! I have Hidden Treasure, but I'm going to pick up the Essie one so I can have a backup:)

Leanne said...

Your welcome! I kinda want the nails inc flakies now! I have too make of the same lol


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