Friday, 21 October 2011

Jessica Cosmetics - Shine On Collection (Holiday 2011)

I was just stalking some brand sites when I came across these. Totally cute bottles! It's a set for the holidays and it's $19.90 US. The website, say this about the holiday pack:

‘Tis the season to shimmer in pure colour perfection! Light up the night and celebrate the season with new festive colours by JESSICA that will have you shining brighter than a star. The SHINE ON Collection is a trio designed to bring colour and life to your lighthearted nights with spirited sparkles. Lucky Star is an irresistible gold glitter that adds a jewled accent to any look. For the girl who longs for a pair of ruby slippers to dance the night away, Starry Night, a splended sparkled red. Finally Superstar is a sassy silver glitter that twinkles like the moonlight! SHINE ON has everything you need to beam brighter than a ray of light!

The names of these are: 
941 Starry Night
942 Lucky Star
943 Superstar

I'm not familiar with Jessica, I've only seen these sold sometimes at Winners. Shipping to me in Canada was an extra $12. So I'm not sure if it's worth just buying these alone, I might wait to see if there are any other things I want to order from them. On Body and Soul Blog she had a wicked promo pick for the Peacock Queen Collection that Jessica is coming out with, so maybe I'll wait for that to be available. It looks like an amazing collection, possible dupes for Chanel Peridot, Graphite, and Quartz!


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