Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Chanel Peridot (Fall 2011)

Peridot by Chanel came out with the ILLUSIONS D’OMBRES DE CHANEL collection for Fall 2011. It is limited edition, like most LE Chanel polishes it'll be selling out fast. Peridot received the most hype, the collection also had Graphite (click here) and Quartz. To be completely honest green has never been my cup of tea, so I wasn't drawn to it, then I saw it in person while I was picking up Graphite. Instantly I had to have it. And to be even more honest I wasn't sure what Peridot was, so I googled it... it's the birthstone for the month of August and it the customary 16th Wedding Anniversary gift. Even cooler is that it was Cleoparta's favourite gem. Chanel can you make a Blue Topaz polish for my Birthday!? 

So the application was great, I hate streak lines so I was a bit concerned I wouldn't like this polish, but streaks were minimal. It is a gorgeous colour, depending on how the light hits it, it can be gold, green, I think I see a bit of blue too. I'm glad I picked it up, it's unique to my collection, though other blogs have found dupes (like Sephora brand Diving in Malaysia). I found mine at a Chanel counter at The Bay in West Vancouver ($27 CND). I find that counter has some of the nicest sales ladies. You can also find Chanel at Holt Renfrew, I may be wrong but I don't think you can buy Chanel online in Canada yet. 

Final Thoughts... I love it!  

SPOTTED: Drug Store Fall Displays... August 2011

I found my self with time to kill at lunch today. I walked to a London Drugs in Vancouver and checked out 3 nail polish displays that I didn't see last week. Sally Hansen has a new fall collection in their Insta-Dri line out, Revlon had a limited edition Edgy Elegance collection on display, and Essie had the Carry On collection out. 

Sally Hansen's Insta Dry Limited Edition Fall line. Consisted of jewel tone colours. Bronze Ablaze, Coco A GoGo, Grape'scape, Presto Pewter, Quick Brick, Ruby Rush, & Tealy Fast. I really wanted to find something unique in the bunch but they all seemed like colours that were not-so unique. I passed on all of them for now, nothing really jumped out at me has something I had to have right away.

Revlon's Edgy Elegance Collection I liked the most. It consisted of foil type polishes in lighter metallic hues. Cutsy names like Princess, Fierce, Girly, Catty, Downtown, Aloof, Innocent, & Punk. My personal favourites of the bunch were Fierce a pink/purple and Princess (just for the name lol).

And last but not least, the Essie's Carry On Collection. I love Essie, Essie before this year was incredibly hard to find the new collections in Canada. The Carry On collection has 6 new shades. Carry On, Power Clutch, Glamour Purse, Case Study, Very Structured, & Lady Like. I already ordered online Power Clutch which seems to be the standout of the bunch, after seeing Glamour Purse in person, I might just go back and pick it up. 

Final thoughts all very different, I'm very glad there is a good selection in the new fall collections. Power clutch is the one out of all the collections I'm liking the most. 

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Chanel Graphite (Fall 2011)

Dear Chanel, 
I've been mad at you for a while and I've been thinking... it's time we make up. I forgive you.
So I always always get sucked into Chanel polishes especially the ones with lots of hype around them. Most of the time something goes wrong... the formula is thick (I'm looking at you Mimosa) or it chips within a day (ahem thats you Paradoxal) but Graphite you made me a believer once again. Simply put Graphite is amazing, I haven't been this excited about a colour in a long time. Its a little hard to describe but its basically a foil like antiqued golden silver colour. It applies like butter and I've been wear in a few days and it's last so far. Most of the hype was around Peridot and I did buy that one too but looking at the advertisements Graphite was the one that I wanted the most. Its the perfect holiday colour. I bought it at The Bay Chanel counter in West Vancouver, it was $27 CND. It was released as part of Chanel's Fall collection ILLUSIONS D’OMBRES DE CHANEL along with two other polishes, Peridot and Quartz.



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