Sunday, 15 January 2012


I have some vacation time coming up, so my boyfriend and I are heading to Italy. We'll be away for 10 days and I'm excited to see the sights and get my shop on in another country! I've travel quite a bit but never to Italy, so I was intrigued to find out about their nail polishes of course. This brand kept coming up, its Kiko Makeup Milano. The nail polishes look like they range from 1.50 - 3.90 euros. They seem to have quite a range of colours and even a magnetic line. Looks like a promising brand to check out. I saw that they have a Sephora not far from our hotel, and of course I'm all too excited to see what their drug stores carry. 

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Taking luxury to the next level...

I admittedly love high end nail polishes. Often I feel a (very very) slight tinge of guilt after spending so much on nail polish, but seeing this makes me feel a bit better!  Fashionphile has a listing for a set of two Louis Vuitton nail polishes for $595 US! It has relatively little information on the set, it does not say exactly how old the set is or where it was purchased. My guess is it was maybe fashion show swag? If it was something on the regular market at one time, I would think more of these and more information would be available. The polishes are 11mL each, quite simply named 'Red' and 'Beige' and come in iconic brown Louis Vuitton box. Beautiful... a bit out of my price range though.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Nail Rock - Designer Nail Wraps

I was searching around today I these totally caught my eye. They are Nail Rock nail wraps, They come in 18 different cool designs and are $10 CAD each. I've tried a new nail wraps in the past and had some pretty good experiences with them. This brand claims that they will last 7 days on finger nails and up to 8 weeks on toe nails. What I love about nail wraps is there is no drying time and they don't chip, the downfall to them is after being exposed to water for a lengthy time they will start to peel. There is a video on the if your interested in these wraps. My favourite by far was the metallic striped ones above. Soooo pretty! 


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