Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Jesse's Girl - Stiletto (Julie G Collection)

About a month ago I was shopping in Washington for the day and I picked up a few polishes from Jessie's Girl. One was Julie G which is part of there permanent line, named after the very sweet beauty "guru" on youtube Julie G. I also bought one called Stiletto, which is from the 'Julie G Collection' which is Limited Edition and available exclusively at Rite-Aid drug stores. This one is Stiletto, she describes this as a grey taupe, I would describe this as a very light dusty brown with subtle silver shimmer to it. It's named Stiletto because she said that its her favourite kind of shoe, very cute! It's a little too light for my taste but overall it's a great work neutral. 

It was $3.99 US. I included a picture of of the display below. There are a bunch of other colours in the collection. Here is a link to Julie G's video about her collection. I suggest checking her out! She's such a sweet heart. She has some great nail tutorials on her youtube channel.



bmwmchick said...

It's funny because I got it thinking it would be a dupe of butter London's 'All hail the queen' but it looks much different. LOVELY color!

Leanne said...

I wonder how it compares. I don't have all hail the queen. None of the other Julie G colours interested me much.


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