Thursday, 20 October 2011

About Julep Maven & November Bombshell Preview/Shelf Pull Options

This just popped in my inbox. It's a preview of next months Julep Maven box. For anyone unfamiliar with the Julep Maven subscription service: It's a monthly subscription that sends you nail polish and hand care items. It's $20 a month with free shipping, if you use the promo code INTRO5 you can receive the first month for $5!!! Once you sign up you also get a referral link, so if you refer any one you get a $15 credit to Julep's website, my link is ( 

There are various boxes you can get every month based on a simple quiz you take to start. My subscription is for he Bombshell boxes. There are also Classic with a Twist, Boho Glam, It Girl, American Beauty boxes. On the 20th of every month they send a preview e-mail like above and you have until the 25th of the month to decide if you would like to skip the box that month, send your box to a friend, get a "shelf pull" (pick a different box), or just receive your box as normal.

Once you sign up you also get a unique discount code to use for 20% off the items  on the Julep website, plus as a member you get free shipping. Nail polishes are $14 each and the hand creams are priced pretty high at $32. 

Now... So you can make an informed decision...

- I've been waiting on my Julep October box for 20 days and still nothing! I do live in Vancouver, Canada and I understand international shipping takes awhile sometimes (believe me I'm all too aware, I order LOTS of polishes online). The tracking link says it's been sitting in Jamaica, NY for the last 11 days. I find it a little funny cause I live a very short distance from Seattle (where Julep is based), I go shopping in Seattle every other weekend. So for it to end up on the east coast is funny to me, but hey I have no idea how shipping companies work. This won't be a problem to everyone.

- I googled 'Julep Swatches' and a blog came up that had pictures of the older Julep bottles. I clicked on it at it had the polishes Samantha, Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte (all polish still available just repackaged now) the 'Sex and the City' pack. That post was from 2010 and that blogger listed the prices as $5.75 each or $19 for the four. So don't be too fooled by the $14 a polish price tag they have now. 

- The site states that 'Each Sneak Peek Box features new, never before released colors and treatments FIRST to you, before anyone else,' now I don't find this to be completely true. From what I can see, they take the polishes down from the website for about a month then put the in the subscription boxes. At least thats what I've noticed for the last few. So just another thing to watch out for. I, obviously like everyone else, loves to be someone first in the know and on top of things so this totally sold me when I signed up, so it's kind of disappointing.

- Julep has had glitches in their system for sometime now. Many bloggers had a problem with their referal link not working, I wasn't a Julep subscriber back then but I can imagine how frusterating that would be. Just this past week my discount code wasn't working properly. So hopefully they work everything out as they are still fairly new to the subscription service.

The positives:

They do seem to be trying to fix there problems, and to me that means a lot. Customer service is key. Also a company that doesn't charge more for Canadians... SOLD. I love when companies treat me equal, they don't even charge an extra for shipping, awesome! A dollar from every polish sold is donated to different charities. Another thing that sold me was you aren't obligated and can cancel anytime.
I'm sticking with it for a while, I figure I might as well give them a chance. They seem to be trying. I figure the worst that would come out of it is a few polishes I really didn't need LOL

(Update) Yesterday I requested a "shelf pull" and today I received this in my e-mail:
I'm kinda interested in the "polish lover" option, where you receive three of the polishes and none of the little extras. The makeup bag wasn't my taste and I have enough lip gloss for two lifetimes. 

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