Friday, 7 October 2011

Coastal Scents Coat Nail Polish Line

Coastal Scents has a new line of nail polish! and one of them is a flakie! I received an e-mail newsletter from them yesterday and within 5 minutes I had placed an order hahaha Good advertising! Coastal Scents is an online e-tailer that sells cosmetic products, most under there own brand. I've used Coastal Scents a few times. I've been fairly happy with their makeup brushes. What I really like about them is they have reasonable shipping cost to Canada. 

The brand is call Coat and it so far has 27 nail polishes. The flakie nail polish is called Cosmic and it's from the 'Universe' Collection.  Above is a screen shot of the bottle. It's $3.95 US for .2 oz. I ordered Cosmic and two other polishes and a pigment and the shipping was $6.60 to Vancouver. To me thats reasonable, considering how much other e-tailers try to charge for shipping. Shipping for one bottle was about $5.95, so if you know you want a few things its worth it to do it all in the same transaction. Of course if you live in the states you'll get even better shipping cost. 

What I liked is they have swatches (even with top coats!) and also ACTUAL bottle pictures on the site. A peeve of mine is when website use simulated picture of nails or bottles instead of real pictures. 

I'll have some swatches up very soon! Here is a link to the Coast Scents website (click here).

BTW Cosmic looks like a dupe for Joe Fresh Twilight polish right?

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