Sunday, 23 October 2011

Butter London Holiday 2011 Collection

These just came up on the Butter London Canada site ( They came up on the Canadian site a bit later then the regular Butter London site, but they are here! Here is what the site says about the collection:

Introducing the Holiday 2011 Collection! Our newest collection was created to charm and delight. This holiday season Founding Creative Director Nonie Creme wanted to revisit the feeling of excitement and awe we felt as children at this time of year. The bespoke colours of our Holiday 2011 Collection include The Black Night, Tart With A Heart and Fairy Lights.

From left to right there is:

-Tart With A Heart (Who says pink glitter can’t be girly AND sexy?! This pale pink parade of glitter carries a dash of grey to tone down the sugar and ramp up the spice.) LIMITED EDITION. $17 CAD

-The Black Night (A dark dazzler from butter LONDON, this glitter fusion contains black, pink, blue, and silver suspended in a black base.) LIMITED EDITION. $17 CAD

-Fairy Lights (Fairy Lights are what the English call small white Christmas tree lights. Be a beacon to bad boys and the life of the party in dazzling “liquid metal” rose pink.) Does not specify as limited edition on website. $17 CAD

These can also be bought in a gift pack together for $44 CAD. You can also get free shipping on the Canadian website if you spend over $75. When I just tried to buy the gift pack, shipping to be here in Vancouver came out to $9.95. So I think I'll be waiting 'til they come in stores, since my school is just over a block away from Holts, why waste that much on shipping is what I'm figuring. I haven't seen these out yet in stores. I also couldn't find a directory on the website to tell me stores that carry their products. I do know that Holts carries them and so does Nordstroms if you shop in America. 

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Marketta at Pink Polish Addict said...

OMG these are to die, I ordered them and I'm swatching them immediately :)

Leanne said...

@ Marketta eeek I know. I want the drk knight the most!


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