Monday, 24 October 2011

MAC Glitter and Ice Collection Nail Lacquers (Holiday 2011)

These are the nail polishes for MAC Holiday Glitter and Ice Collection. I like this collection a little more then last years collection. These are on sale starting today at The nail polishes have been getting a lot of talk. Especially the middle one pictured above, it's called Unconditionally Fabulous and its a suppose to be a close match to Deborah Lippmann Stairway to Heaven or China Glaze Snow Globe. All happen to me Limited Edition Holiday colours. 

Top: Festive Finery (dirty midtone greyed violet)
Middle: Unconditionally Fabulous (super sparkly white)
Bottom: Get Noticed! (True bright red)

These are $19 CAD or $16 US / 10mL. I don't find any of these especially unique or worth the price tag. I've never really thought MAC's polishes were worth the price tag, and they usually let me down once I get them home. On the other hand I'm excited to see the MAC Garth Pugh Collection, I especially can't wait to see some swatches!


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Leanne said...

I'm not a big fan of MAC polishes yet whenever a big collection comes out I can't help but get them :-P I will probably get unconditionally fabulous :-)

Leanne said...

I know right! I'm always compelled to try a few when a collection gets a lot of hype. They are all very pretty in the collection but not so unique.


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