Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Favourite Lacquers 2011: Joe Fresh - Twilight (S/S 2011 Collection)

My midterms are all over, I'm happy, so it's time to break out one of my all time favourite polishes. This is one of a very very few polishes that I have a "back up" of just in case I ever run out of the first bottle! I'm a huge believer that polishes get duped and copied so much that back ups aren't necessary, so to say that I have two of these is something. I also bought this polish as gifts for a few people when it came out too... ok enough talk about how much I love this stuff! 

This is Joe Fresh in Twilight. I came out for Spring/Summer this year and I believe this was limited edition. I haven't seen it available at my SuperStore in the past while, but maybe they'll bring it back! I know I looooved Joe Fresh in Mint and it went away for about a year, and just recently I saw a whole new stock of them at my grocery store. So there is hope! 

It's a black jelly base with flakies! Yup flakies at a grocery store. I used one coat of OPI's Black Onyx (a plain black creme), two thin coats of Twilight, and one coat of Seche Vite top coat. Perfection.

The flakies are green/yellow/orange/blue depending on how the light hits it. Joe Fresh is always right in line with the latest in nail polish trends. In Joe Fresh's Fall collection they have colours similar to Chanel's Denim Collection and Essie's Cocktail Bling Collection. At $4 each or $9.99/3 you really can't go wrong trying a few out! They are 6 mL each.

Joe Fresh is a part of the company Loblaws which has grocery stores with various names across Canada. In the past year they have expanded to have Joe Fresh stand alone stores too. Their clothing lines are totally amazing and a great price point. I don't believe they have a website to order off of, but you can look at there latest collections on there website, or

UPDATE 11/15/11: Joe Fresh is bringing back Twilight!? It hasn't been in stores since last winter but now a few people including myself have seen them back in stores.


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