Thursday, 6 February 2014

Nail Polish per Oz.?

Since starting the blog up again and going on a buying spree, I've really been thinking about how deceiving some bottles are. You think you are getting the typical bottle around .5 fl oz. But in reality you could be getting nothing more then a fancy mini sized bottle. So what's the most expensive mainstream brand polishes by the ounce? 

1. Dior .33 fl oz $24 = $72/oz
2. Chanel .4 fl oz $26 = $65/oz
3. Urban Decay .3 fl oz $18 = $60/oz
4. Julep .27 fl oz $16 = $59/oz
5. Marc Jacobs .43 fl oz $22 = $51/oz
6. MAC .34 fl oz $16 = $47/oz
7. Illamasqua .5 fl oz $16 = $44/oz
8. Butter London .4 fl oz $17 = $42/oz
9. Deborah Lippmann .5 fl oz $20 = $40/oz
10. Ciate .45 fl oz $17 = $37/oz

So those were the top 10, what do you think? It's shocking to me that Julep is .27 fl oz per bottle and charges so much in stores. I never think of it as high end, but they also have a subscription service that can dramatically reduce the cost per bottle. Do you ever look at the fluid ounce on the bottle? Does it matter? I usually just go by colour but I'll defiantly be watching out for glorified minis from now on. 

Monday, 3 February 2014

OPI Glitter Off Natural Nail Base Coat

This hasn't turned up at any of the beauty supply stores or drug stores around me yet but I'm so excited to see how well this works I'll be grabbing a bottle right away. Essentially you replace your regular base coat with this and apply your glitter polishes as usual and basically when your finished instead of fighting the glitter off it peels right off. This sounds like an amazing idea. Saving your finger from harsh removers :) I've read that Elmers school glue works much the same. 

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Nail Finds February 2014

Just a few new things I saw during my shopping trip. London Drugs had this new display, Revlon by Marchesa which had beautiful nail tools and the nail polish Valentine, a lovely deep red. It's not new but it also had the pretty design on the cap. 

This may not be new but Dollarama has OPI polishes! I had no idea! At $3 it's worth checking if your Dollarama has some. The one I was in had 4-5 shades. Dollarama also carries Nicole by OPI, Loreal, Revlon, and Sally Hansen.

Friday, 31 January 2014

New Youtube "Beauty Guru" Tanya Burr Nail Polish Collection

If you've spent any amount of time browsing through YouTube makeup videos, there's a change you've come across UK YouTube star Tanya Burr. Referred to as a beauty guru for her for her beauty tutorial videos. Her line is by the brand Eye Candy and is right now available through It consists of 10 shades:

Peaches & Cream
Be Bright, Be Happy, Be You
Little Duck
Mini Marshmallows
Bright and Early
Mischief Managed
Riding Hood
Midnight Sparkles, 
New York Night
Penguin Chick

Shipping to Canada is unavailable but shipping to the US is. They are $10.48 US. Little Ducky looks like one I would pick up if shipping was available.

How to open nail polish bottles that are stuck closed

Super easy way to open nail polish bottles that are stuck! In a cup (narrow cups work best to make sure bottom labels stay dry) add luke warm water, place nail polish cap side down so entire cap plus top of bottle are emersed.

Let sit for 3-5 minutes. 

Finished! It's that easy. Cap should come off easily. 

Monday, 27 January 2014

Sally's Beauty Supply - Finger Paints Kaleidoscope Collection - 5 flakie top coats

I spotted this display at my local Sally's Beauty Suppy over a week ago and didn't think much of it, then I saw a swatch of them and knew I had to go back and give them a second look. Surprisingly the display was still full, I guess flakies aren't as coveted as they once were. I picked up one of the five different shades, I picked up Abstract Attraction it was the only one that looked appealing to me since I do have a lot of flakie polishes already. I'll have a swatch of Abstact Attraction soon!

Finger Paints Kaleidoscope Collection 

Colorful Dream, Vivid Reflection, Symmetrical Symphony, Abstract Attraction, Psychedelic Hue

Hiatus Over!

So after a two year break I could not stay away any longer! My love of nail polish is just too strong. 
When I was a few months pregnant I had a complete aversion to nail polish, it was the craziest thing. For two years I did not look at a single blog, look at a nail display in stores, or even wear polish! Crazy right, for some so involved and was so in love with polish. I was so overwhelmed by all the polish I had around me it kinda turned me off, it was so excessive how much polish I had. My "collection" (I kinda hate using that word) or stash of polish has been dramatically paired down to polishes I really really really love now. 
So I've been back stalking my favourite blogs and my old hang outs (aka Sally's/drug stores/nail supply stores/eBay) for over a month now. After seeing the OPI Gwen Stefani polishes I got the itch again. I really had time to think about if I wanted to be back or not, and didn't want to come back unless I was whole heartedly in it. 
My son who is going to be two (Where does time go?!) this Spring is so much more I independent now and I have so much time to myself again. It was a crazy start, he was born 2.5 months early and spent 6 weeks in the hospital. He's the cutest thing ever in my very biased opinion ;)

I've missed a lot! And a lot of which I'm a little glad I missed! Ummm fuzzy nails? That was a thing? When I stepped out shattered (ugh) nails were popular and there were only a few really neat indie brands worth noting. I have some catching up to do! 
I'm so happy to be back! Be patient with me as I figure some things out, I know when you click on an old link they don't work, so I have some work to do, figuring out how to get this thing out of hibernation might take a bit! 


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