Monday, 14 November 2011

Winter 2011 Trend: Dark Olived Toned Lacquers

I'm so into these!!! These olive toned polishes seem to be everywhere right now. I have to say I was a little weary of them at first but the moment I tried one, I was in love! These to me are winters neutral, I can't see these clashing with a lot in your wardrobe. They are also interesting colours without being to flashy or blingy, perfect for the office. I included YSL Black Bronze in the olive category cause it really leans to the green side when it't on the nail. All of these I've picked up in the last month or so, so they still might be available where you live. I think everyone should at least try one of these this winter!

L - R: 

- YSL Black Bronze - The Black Collection (for Holiday or Fall 2011 depending on where you live) 0.2 fl oz / $22 CAD from Holt Renfrew. Two coats, applied like a complete dream. Black with bronze shimmer, but leans very olive when on the nail, closest to Sally Hansen Sequin Scandal.

- Julep Stefani - when I ordered this I was under the impression that it was more silver from the picture, when I received it I was shocked to find a very green polish. This is the lightest one of the bunch and I think my least favourite. It took three coats and application was ok, streaks might be an issue on a real nail. $14 US from

- Loreal Owl's Night (from the Limited Edition Project Runway Collection). My favourite by far. Has the most amazing shimmer to it. Two coats, and application was very easy. $5 US from Rite Aid (in the states)

- Sally Hansen Sequin Scandal (from the Limited Edition Designer Collection 2010) I found this recently at a Zellers. I was limited edition but might still be around in some stores. It's a lot like YSL Black Brozne. It's very dark with olive shimmer in it, including some irregular tiny flakes of olive shimmer. This was $7.99 CAD at Zellers. 

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