Monday, 7 November 2011

Color Club Platinum Record compared to Oran-Minted

So I'm kicking my self for buying Orna-Minted this weekend, really the scent part sold me. I knew it looked familiar to Platinum Record but I kinda figured maybe it was a little different. Platinum Record is from the Backstage Pass Collection from this fall (click here to see that collection). Orna-Minted is a new colour from Sally's Color Club Scent-Suous Holiday Collection (click here to see that collection), it has a very overwhelming mint scent. Like I said in my original post, it smells like Vicks Vapour Rub as soon as you open the bottle, a little too strong for my liking! But today I was reading the Globe and Mail had an article that said taking a sniff of mint actually curbs your appetite. So a nail polish that makes you loose weight! I think we're on to something! LOL

So on to the swatches... they are exactly the same. Surprise surprise. Besides Orna-Minted having the scent they are the same polish, large silver hexagon glitter and regular size silver  glitter. Orna-Minted was $4.99 US at Sally's when I bought it in the states. Platinum Record I bought from eBay, but will retail for about $7 CAD each. I think they are pretty. I suggest going to Platinum Record if your not into heavy scents on your nails. 



bmwmchick said...

I have Platinum Record - I'll make sure I don't get Oran-Minted. ::commits to memory::

Great comparison post! Much appreciated.

Leanne said...

Your welcome!!! I'm glad you liked it! No use in getting both if your not into mint scent right?


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