Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Gareth Pugh for MAC - The Nail Lacquers

I have to say I am excited to see these! November 23rd to December 23rd 2011 MAC will have the Gareth Pugh Collection for sale. It has three nail polishes. All three look a little intriguing, I haven't seen swatches of these yet and the bottles block out most of the view of the colours, but they are named:

- Inert (described as a mid-toned nude - Creme) 
- Ascension (described as a grey with blue violet pearl - Frost)
- Hyper (described as a deep blue with violet pearl - Frost)

All three are Limited Edition and will cost $27.50 CAD/ $23 US.

Gareth Pugh is a London based designer who's designers are very geometric, hence the different bottle design for this collection. I don't know about the price tag on these, I don't know about the regularly high price tag on MAC's polishes in general. I don't feel like they are amazing enough to be worthy of their price tags, so hopefully these are something amazing to justify the enormous $27.50 price tag. Another thing that gets me about MAC is they are a Canadian company and it's cosmetics are MADE in Canada. So whats with the higher price tag for Canadians? You can't really blame duties, tariffs, or taxes. The Canadian dollar is around par with the US dollar, it's actually been consistently higher. It's just a turn off. Anyways... they better be stunning!



Lindsey R said...
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Lindsey R said...

I'm dying for swatches of these, lol! So excited!

Leanne said...

meee tooo!!! Like beyond excited to see more then bottle pictures!


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