Sunday, 13 November 2011

Barbie Loves Joe Fresh is back!

Last year Joe Fresh came out with a Barbie Loves Joe Fresh limited edition collection. It included women PJs, girls PJs, and underwear. Totally adorable stuff. Because I'm a sucker for Barbie and a lover of Joe Fresh I bought everything! But I don't remember if they had nail polish or lipgloss last year, I think I would have boughten them if they did. But anyways this year they have the PJs again and have also some cute cosmetics.  

Above is a nail polish trio. Even though the moment I saw them I wanted them, really the packaging and the price made me turn it down. The packaging seemed cheap, it was a sticker slapped on the bottle. Then below are the nail files, train case, and the much coveted pyjama pants. They also had lipgloss sets. I'm excited, I really hope this turns into a yearly thing.  I passed on all the cosmetic type things, I think these were more for the younger girls. But of course I got the pyjama pants, Barbie Loves Joe Fresh pyjama pants are absolutely a staple in my life. I think they are the perfect way to keep a bit of playfulness in your closet.



Polish Jinx said...

The prices seem ABSURD to me! My mom LOVES pink, loves polish and it would be perfect. but its more than the regular price for less product?

i got her the barbie loves stila make up set in the collectors tin a few months back (really cheap from winners!). this however, not getting.

Leanne said...

Nice thing about Joe Fresh is it goes on sale usually a month after it goes out. I worked for that company for the same company when I was in college. Love em. But per ounce they are expensive!


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