Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Have you checked out Nordstroms lately!?

Nordstroms website has some great new stuff up! I love that they ship to Canada. But this also mean Holts will hopefully get most of this stuff very soon too! Newest nail stuff: 

Butter London - Nail Skins 
Three deisigns, above is 'Black Wallpaper' $10 each

The New Black - Ombre 5 Piece Set
Very cool, I've always wanted to do ombre nails but never have the right shades. There are three different set colours, above is 'Graffiti' $22 each

Deborah Lippmann - 'Dance Music' Holiday Mini Tro
Nordstrom exclusive. How cute! This girl is a sucker for minis. 
$29 pack

LEFT: YSL - 'No. 6 Terriblement Noir'
God I love YSL bottles, these are gorgeous. $30 set

RIGHT: The New Black - Glimmer Twins $10 set

VERY TOP: MAC Dazzlepheres including Mini Nail Kit. $25.50 set

So much great stuff! Can't wait to see everything in person. My must haves are the Deborah Lippmann Dance Music Set and the YSL No. 6 Terriblement Noir set, really can't wait to swatch some of these. You have to check the site out cause there is so much more then the pictured. does not ship nail polish if you live in Canada. But most of these things can be found at The Bay or Holts. 


Marketta at Pink Polish Addict said...

OMG I need the DL trio in my life! I might just break down and get that one! The blue looks AMAZING!

made by kate said...

Nordstroms doesn't ship nail polish to Canada :(

Leanne said...

I totally forgot about that! Thanks, I should add that in the post too. I wrote that in the last nordstroms post too duhhh. I'm just so use to going into nordstroms when I'm across the boarder.

blackladyblue said...

I got my hopes up for those ombre shades then learned they wouldn't ship them to Canada! :(
Is "The New Black" Nordstrom's own brand or something? I tried to google if they had their own website that would ship to CA but I couldn't find one.

Leanne said...

I don't think I've seen The New Black collection anywhere eles.

Polish Jinx said...

omg!! i NEED the new black sets! please please let me know if you EVER see them in Canada. You are much more likely to find them in BC than I am in Winnipeg.

Leanne said...

I'll let you know if I see them anywhere eles. Do you think it's a Nordstroms exclusive brand?

Polish Jinx said...

every post and article online i can find links back to them, so i am guessing yes?

Leanne said...

Thats too bad. I really wanted the pink ombre set. If I hear anything about that brand I'll let you know!


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