Sunday, 13 November 2011

Coat Nail Polish by Coastal Scents - Universe Collection

A new nail polish brand to show you! Last month Coastal Scents came out with Coat nail polishes. I had done a post about ordering them before here. These three polishes are from the Universe Collection, which includes 6 other polishes. The three that I have for you today are Cosmic, Comet, and Meteorite. These were $3.95 US each / 0.2 fl. oz. 


By far my favourite of the three. Anyone who missed out of the illusive Limited Edition Joe Fresh Twilight polish last Winter, will sure be happy to see Cosmic. I used a coat of OPI Black Onyx (plain black creme), and two coats of Cosmic. I think polishes like these are meant to be layered, on its own its very thin. Just like Twilight, its a black (that leans green) jelly base with beautiful green/yellow/orange/blueish flakies depending on how the light hits it. You can also check out my post of Joe Fresh Twilight here.


So I'm not a blue girl. I think it's a gorgeous colour for everything else.. just not my nails. I bought this more out of impulse. Nonetheless Comet is pretty. It was a dream to apply and I used two coats and no top coat. I feel like this is almost a duochrome when it flashes purple very slightly. 


Meteorite is another beautiful colour, but a really big pain to apply unlike the first two. You can tell what a mess it was. This was three coats and somehow there are still bald spots (ring/pointer finer) and it flooded my cuticle on my pointer finger and it kind of stained it. I think it's a beautiful colour though, if your not inspecting the nail polish up close for flaws its really a stunner. 

Another Cosmic Swatch... I love Cosmic!!! Kinda reminds me of sea kelp or seaweed though.

OK Now Cosmic compared to Joe Fresh Twilight...

(Two coats over one coat OPI Black Onyx)

They are dupes. They have the same base and same coloured flakies. Both flashed the same colours. So that'll help anyone who couldn't find the Limited Edition Joe Fresh Twilight or didn't live in Canada when Twilight was released (Joe Fresh is now expanding in the states). For more on Joe Fresh ( Or if you'd like to order from Coast Scents ( They were both the same size and price and have the same bottle... I wonder if they have the same manufacture maybe?

UPDATE 11/15/11: Joe Fresh is bringing back Twilight!? It hasn't been in stores since last winter but now a few people including myself have seen them back in stores.



Lindsey R said...

I definitely need to order Cosmic! Thanks for the comparison:)

Leanne said...

No problem! Cosmic is gorgeous! Shipping wasn't horrendous to Canada either :) always a plus!


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