Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Cult Nails Super Powers Collection Pre-sale!

If you haven't heard yet, until Nov. 11 you can pick up Cult Nails Super Powers Collection for 25% off (basically a free polish!) It's $30 US and you get the four colours above (Power Thief, Time Traveller, Mind Control, Chairvoyant). The polishes sell for $10 each normally. Shipping was reasonable to Canada, I think I payed $8 to Vancouver, BC. The collection I believe doesn't ship until December. The owner of Cult Nails has said this will be the lowest price that this collection will be, don't you hate buying something and the next week its cheaper? This is my first time trying Cult Nails, I've been wanting to try them for a while now. I really wanted Unicorn Puke (Chairvoyant's liminted edition packaging), but missed out, so of course this is the perfect opportunity to try them. Lately I've been loving indie nail polish brands, they come out with very unique cool polishes. I suggest checking Cult Nails out if your interested in trying something new out. Here is the link to the above sale information. Or you can do directly to You don't need any coupon code. I'll have some swatches up for sure as soon as I get these, I'm excited to see them!

Side note - I love how she (by she, I mean the owner Maria) has some amazing swatches of the polishes and I've heard nothing but amazing things about her customer service. 

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