Monday, 14 November 2011

Sky Blue Glitters: Revon Blue Mosaic compared to OPI Gone Gonzo!

About two months ago Revlon release the The Expressionist Collection, click here to see the full collection. It included a pretty sky blue sparkle nail polish called Blue Mosaic. I believe this collection will be entering into Revlon's permanent line. More recently OPI released it's limited edition collection for the holidays, The Muppets Collection. Click here to see all post related to The Muppets Collection. The Muppets collection also has a sky blue sparkle polish, its name is Gone Gonzo! While they aren't exact dupes as Blue Mosaic has some green hexagon glitter thrown in, the are very close!

L - R: Revlon Blue Mosaic swatch, OPI Gone Gonzo swatch

I think the main differences are in the hexagon glitter. Blue Mosaic has large green, silver and blue hexagon glitter. While Gone Gonzo! only has silver hexagon glitter. Both have smaller sky blue glitter, but Blue Mosaic has a slightly darker tone. Both have a clear base. Do you need both? No, defiantly not, I prefer Gone Gonzo! myself. I think the green hexagon glitter in Blue Mosaic is a little out of place. Both applied nicely. Both I used 2 coats and no top coat. Revlon is about $5 - $6 CAD and about $4 US, can be found in almost any drug store. OPI is about $9.50 CAD and a little less in the states, can be found in select salons, e-tailers and London Drugs in Canada. 


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