Thursday, 1 September 2011

OPI Spookettes Limited Edition Halloween Collection 2011

Halloween! I can't believe it. I love Halloween and the whole fall season, so I'm always excited to see the Halloween collections when they start popping up on shelves. This years OPI's Halloween minis are named Spookettes. Its four polishes from left to right named: He's My Boo, Mummy Knows Best, I Only Date Werewolves, & Zom-Body to Love. As usual adorable names. Much different then last years Go Goth Halloween Collection, which was rich dark colours. Zom-Body to Love is a glow in the dark (see swatches here)! The other three are standard creams. The pack comes with "spooky nail decals" and nail art ideas on the back (see below). It retails for $12 CND. Minis are .4 oz each.

Final thoughts... go with the pack if you really want Zom-Body to Love and don't already have similar cream colours. It's very cute and a little tip: Glow in the dark polishes work great with a white base, so bonus that the pack includes both. 

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