Saturday, 10 September 2011

CND - Crimson Sparkle

This has been on my list to try for way too long! I'm not big on layering, but I'm totally reformed. I have a few CND layering polishes but now I want them all! 

This is layered over Borghese Stellare Notte, which is a deep blue (see swatches here). All I can say is Chrimson Sparkle is amazing! Depending on how what you layer it over and what way you look at it, it flashes redish, orange, and yellow. I thought it looked great over navy, next time I'm going to try black! I think I'll buy jade or copper sparkle next. CND is not too widely available here. It's mostly salons you can find CND at. They retail for about $8 CND.


Peredita said...

It is amazing. I love shimmery colors like that, that can transform nail polishes so beautifully.

Leanne said...

@Peredita I agree! CND effects are great for transforming any nail polish into something totally different.


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