Thursday, 6 February 2014

Nail Polish per Oz.?

Since starting the blog up again and going on a buying spree, I've really been thinking about how deceiving some bottles are. You think you are getting the typical bottle around .5 fl oz. But in reality you could be getting nothing more then a fancy mini sized bottle. So what's the most expensive mainstream brand polishes by the ounce? 

1. Dior .33 fl oz $24 = $72/oz
2. Chanel .4 fl oz $26 = $65/oz
3. Urban Decay .3 fl oz $18 = $60/oz
4. Julep .27 fl oz $16 = $59/oz
5. Marc Jacobs .43 fl oz $22 = $51/oz
6. MAC .34 fl oz $16 = $47/oz
7. Illamasqua .5 fl oz $16 = $44/oz
8. Butter London .4 fl oz $17 = $42/oz
9. Deborah Lippmann .5 fl oz $20 = $40/oz
10. Ciate .45 fl oz $17 = $37/oz

So those were the top 10, what do you think? It's shocking to me that Julep is .27 fl oz per bottle and charges so much in stores. I never think of it as high end, but they also have a subscription service that can dramatically reduce the cost per bottle. Do you ever look at the fluid ounce on the bottle? Does it matter? I usually just go by colour but I'll defiantly be watching out for glorified minis from now on. 

1 comment:

KarenD said...

Interesting stats--I didn't realize Lippmann was such a good value among the higher end brands.


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