Monday, 27 January 2014

Hiatus Over!

So after a two year break I could not stay away any longer! My love of nail polish is just too strong. 
When I was a few months pregnant I had a complete aversion to nail polish, it was the craziest thing. For two years I did not look at a single blog, look at a nail display in stores, or even wear polish! Crazy right, for some so involved and was so in love with polish. I was so overwhelmed by all the polish I had around me it kinda turned me off, it was so excessive how much polish I had. My "collection" (I kinda hate using that word) or stash of polish has been dramatically paired down to polishes I really really really love now. 
So I've been back stalking my favourite blogs and my old hang outs (aka Sally's/drug stores/nail supply stores/eBay) for over a month now. After seeing the OPI Gwen Stefani polishes I got the itch again. I really had time to think about if I wanted to be back or not, and didn't want to come back unless I was whole heartedly in it. 
My son who is going to be two (Where does time go?!) this Spring is so much more I independent now and I have so much time to myself again. It was a crazy start, he was born 2.5 months early and spent 6 weeks in the hospital. He's the cutest thing ever in my very biased opinion ;)

I've missed a lot! And a lot of which I'm a little glad I missed! Ummm fuzzy nails? That was a thing? When I stepped out shattered (ugh) nails were popular and there were only a few really neat indie brands worth noting. I have some catching up to do! 
I'm so happy to be back! Be patient with me as I figure some things out, I know when you click on an old link they don't work, so I have some work to do, figuring out how to get this thing out of hibernation might take a bit! 

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