Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Chanel Graphite (Fall 2011)

Dear Chanel, 
I've been mad at you for a while and I've been thinking... it's time we make up. I forgive you.
So I always always get sucked into Chanel polishes especially the ones with lots of hype around them. Most of the time something goes wrong... the formula is thick (I'm looking at you Mimosa) or it chips within a day (ahem thats you Paradoxal) but Graphite you made me a believer once again. Simply put Graphite is amazing, I haven't been this excited about a colour in a long time. Its a little hard to describe but its basically a foil like antiqued golden silver colour. It applies like butter and I've been wear in a few days and it's last so far. Most of the hype was around Peridot and I did buy that one too but looking at the advertisements Graphite was the one that I wanted the most. Its the perfect holiday colour. I bought it at The Bay Chanel counter in West Vancouver, it was $27 CND. It was released as part of Chanel's Fall collection ILLUSIONS D’OMBRES DE CHANEL along with two other polishes, Peridot and Quartz.


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